A Free Soul …

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

It was 8 PM, when she woke up. It was unusual for her to sleep till that time. But it is necessary for a fresh start. Few hours back she had gone through a break up with her boyfriend over the phone and strangely, she is not miserable, downhearted or despairing. Now when she is all awake, fully stable and thinking about the entire events that have happened, she realizes that she broke up with him long back. It’s just she couldn’t accept it and was completely unaware of the situation and was not able to move on. There was this invisible chain that tied to her feet. Now that she heard him saying “let’s break up”, her heart is filled with a very peculiar feeling called happiness. This is the first time after a long time, she agreed to his decision without being pressured.

She was hiding inside the wall of his captivity for a long time now. Never had a chance to think beyond his horizon, she used to see things through his eyes, think through his mind and do what he said. Slowly she forgot that she has her own thoughts and space. Discovering her true self for the first time, after releasing from the invisible string that tied her with him without her knowledge, is what she called freedom.

Taste of freedom is sweet. Being Independent was always part of her life but she ignored it and tried to be an ideal Indian girl shown in Ekta Kapoor’s daily soap. Well, now she is feeling like she woke up from a long nightmare of confinement and slavery. She has a long path to follow, her own dream to catch and her own decision to make. Healthy relationships are those in which both admire each other, both care for each other’s verdict, both have their own opinion and are aware of their personal boundaries. She never had any of these. Instead, she buried her thoughts under his dominance, she buried the very existence of herself under the name of love which was very immature of her.

Just as happiness comes after sorrow, just as the sun rises again after sunset, so does the tide of happiness in her life. She freed her soul from others to control and started taking care of herself. She can hear her own voice again. Can you?

All’s well that ends well.



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Suchitra Mishra

As an individual I am highly motivated, enthusiastic and amiable person working as Software Developer at Siemens Technology and Solution pvt Ltd.