A sneak peek into “Eat that frog” by Brian Tracy

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“If you put off everything till you’re sure of it, you’ll never get anything done.” — Peale Quotes

Procrastination is indeed a huge problem for youth today. The act of delaying things for a moment’s pleasure is what hinders the advancement of the younger generation. I am not excluded either. One day during a weak moment of my life, when I was wondering what to do, nothing was motivating me, I was feeling kind of low, my husband asked me to read a book named “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy. The name intrigued me, so I picked up the book from the shelf and started reading and believe me it gave me instant energy. I completed the book within a day and started following the steps given.

The author had explained things which we think are good for us but actually it’s influence the day to day activity eventually leading to failure of our own selves. He has mentioned 21 great ways to avoid procrastination and start our day effectively. Here I am highlighting a few points which I have imbibed from the book.

Note down all the tasks you are doing in a day and prioritize them. Discard the least prioritized task and focus only on superior 2 3 tasks which will impact the future. Means the tasks which will have severe consequences on your career or work should be on top priority. Social media, OTT platforms, emails, messages are the least important as if one missed something from these, nothing bad is going to happen.

Once the tasks have been finalized, divide further into smaller tasks and give a deadline to them. Having a deadline will motivate you to work towards the closure of it and once the task is done, it will release a small amount of endorphins which will give happiness and satisfaction. You will feel proud and motivated to do the next task.

The author has mentioned the Six-P Formula. It says, “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance”. Therefore, always plan your next day before going to sleep at night. Create a time table for the next day’s task. This will train your brain for the next big day subconsciously while you are sleeping and once you wake up, you will automatically start to work. It will help save time the next morning and you can finish the task faster.

If you are confused between two tasks, which one to do first and which one to keep for later, first choose the one which you think is difficult for you. This will help you reduce fear and anxiety to start the work. Once you start it, it will be done in no time. But if you are afraid of taking difficult tasks and always look for the easiest task to work on, you will not get out of your comfort zone and this will lead to questioning your own ability. Solving a difficult task will improve confidence.

Upgrade your key skill regularly. Technology and competition has been increasing day by day. To get ready to compete with the outside world and not to fall behind we need to improve our key skills on a regular basis. This will help reduce effort on a particular task and in no time we can be technically advanced and put a lot of people behind us.

Consider the consequences for the future. The tasks, work you are doing today will definitely have an impact in future. Not necessarily in the near future but in a few months or few years the impact will be visible. Successful people are those who can think of the consequences of the work they are doing and they start planning their today accordingly. They don’t spend time faffing around. They spend their time wisely and constructively, unlikely the youth who tries to enjoy the day in every manner.

Keep pressure on yourself to follow the routine you have created. Don’t rely on others for your tasks to complete and motivate yourself. Wake up in the morning and sit tightly for 90mins. Then take a 15 min break and again sit continuously for another 90 mins. Keep your phone away, switch off all the notifications from all the media that can distract you. This will improve focus and concentration. First few days will be difficult but once the habit is created it will be a piece of cake for you.

Author has mentioned 3 keywords to achieve all these. They are Decision, Discipline and Determination. With these 3 anything is possible.

I started working on these points. Created my own time table. Decided my goals to achieve and started working on it. The things that the Brian Tracy mentioned in the book “Eat that frog” are worth reading and have a life changing effect on me. Here frog means a particular task. Time is precious, once it’s gone, you will never get it back. Think wisely and act before it’s too late. Stay strong and motivated.



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