Life is what you mold it into…

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ife is a race. Wake up in the morning, do all the morning routine, go to work, come back in the evening, cook, eat, sleep, and repeat. Every day the same tedious routine and if you are a woman, in India you have to take care of all household work plus office work and if you have kids then additional care. Without any pause, life is moving until one stops permanently. When you become old and look back on your long tiring journey, you will think, how did I spend my entire life? What did I achieve? What was that one moment which I can cherish? The distressing answer to all of the questions is “I did nothing in my life except thankless fagging”. What will be your reaction then? Will you regret your own work or will you think this as your fate and just go with the flow or you think like whatever you had done was for your family? Well, take a break here, rewind and think. What would I do today which I can remember for eternity, which I can cherish without any regret? What would have happened if I had given some time to myself? Do things that please me. It may be reading books, traveling to new places, discovering new items to cook, coding, writing, gardening, learning new things, and whatnot. So many options are available which need a welcoming mind to explore.

When you are first born, you are born as an individual, not as a mother, brother, father, sister, husband, wife, or any kind of relationship which has a name. When you learn things and follow your path you will encounter all the relations along the way. You can adore them, love them, and do whatever you wish for them. In between all these, you should find time for yourself. You should stop thinking for everyone for a moment and think for yourself. Give a dedicated time in a day to yourself only for self-development. It is never too late to learn new things. Remember, this is your life. Like a potter makes pots and vessels, mold them and give the desired shape to them, with consistent amounts of water, mud, and fire, not too much not too little rather than a perfect amount and shape, you can mold your own life the way you want.

Each moment that we spend today doing a task, can affect our future. Maybe we don’t know the impact yet. Maybe we can’t predict the consequences of our actions, but trust me, it will affect our future directly or indirectly in the form of our offsprings. If we focus on doing constructive work, self-development which will not harm a single soul during the process but can bring peace and serenity, then the future will be better for our next generation. You will have satisfaction that yes this is what I dedicated my life for and it’s fruitful.

If we think about it, a lot of people in India depend on fate. According to them, if something bad happened blame goes to fate. But actually, what is fate if you ask me, I would say Fate is nothing but the consequences of our own work. If we do good, we will get good results and if we take the path of darkness, then well, I don’t want to tell the outcome of it as you can guess what your future will be. If we work hard to achieve something, like really working hard to get something to fulfill our goals, then one day we will definitely get it.

So today onwards engage yourself doing constructive work, doing things that keep you happy. Avoid negative thinking. Find time for yourself and the most important thing…Learn.

PS: This is all that I believe in, which keeps me moving forward. I welcome all of you to share your views on this topic in the comment section.



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Suchitra Mishra

As an individual I am highly motivated, enthusiastic and amiable person working as Software Developer at Siemens Technology and Solution pvt Ltd.